Class LastWordNamingScheme

  extended by org.jmock.lib.LastWordNamingScheme
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LastWordNamingScheme
extends Object
implements MockObjectNamingScheme

A naming scheme in which the implicit name for a mock object is the last word of the mocked type's name in lower case. E.g. A mock object of type HelloWorld would be named "world". If the type name is an acronym it is completely lowercased. For example, the type URL would be named "url". Digits and other non-letter characters are left on the end of the word. For example, the type NMEA0183 would be named "nmea0183".


Field Summary
static MockObjectNamingScheme INSTANCE
Method Summary
 String defaultNameFor(Class<?> typeToMock)
          Derive a name for a mock object from the name of the given type.
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Field Detail


public static MockObjectNamingScheme INSTANCE
Method Detail


public String defaultNameFor(Class<?> typeToMock)
Description copied from interface: MockObjectNamingScheme
Derive a name for a mock object from the name of the given type.

Specified by:
defaultNameFor in interface MockObjectNamingScheme
typeToMock - The type being mocked.
The default name for a mock object of the given type.