Class CustomStub

  extended by org.jmock.core.stub.CustomStub
All Implemented Interfaces:
SelfDescribing, Stub

public abstract class CustomStub
extends Object
implements Stub

A partial implementation of the Stub interface that makes it convenient to implement application-specific stubs with inline anonymous classes:

 final String name = "NAME";
 final StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();

mock.expect("describeTo", C.args(C.same(buffer))), new CustomStub("appends name to buffer") { public Object invoke( Invocation invocation ) throws Throwable { return buffer.append(name); } } );

Constructor Summary
CustomStub(String description)
Method Summary
 StringBuffer describeTo(StringBuffer buffer)
          Appends the description of this object to the buffer.
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Constructor Detail


public CustomStub(String description)
Method Detail


public StringBuffer describeTo(StringBuffer buffer)
Description copied from interface: SelfDescribing
Appends the description of this object to the buffer.

Specified by:
describeTo in interface SelfDescribing
buffer - The buffer that the description is appended to.
The buffer passed to the invokedMethod.