Interface Verifiable

All Known Subinterfaces:
DynamicMock, Expectation, ExpectationCollection, InvocationDispatcher, InvocationMatcher, Invokable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDynamicMock, AbstractExpectation, AbstractExpectationCollection, AbstractInvocationDispatcher, AnyArgumentsMatcher, ArgumentsMatcher, CGLIBCoreMock, CoreMock, ExpectationCounter, ExpectationDoubleValue, ExpectationList, ExpectationMap, ExpectationSegment, ExpectationSet, ExpectationValue, FIFOInvocationDispatcher, InvocationMocker, InvokeAtLeastOnceMatcher, InvokeAtMostOnceMatcher, InvokeCountMatcher, InvokedAfterMatcher, InvokedRecorder, InvokeOnceMatcher, LIFOInvocationDispatcher, MethodNameMatcher, Mock, MockObject, NoArgumentsMatcher, ReturnObjectBag, ReturnObjectList, ReturnObjectMap, StatelessInvocationMatcher, TestFailureMatcher

public interface Verifiable

A Verifiable is an object that can confirm at the end of a unit test that the correct behvaiour has occurred.

See Also:
Verifier to check all the Verifiables in an object.

Method Summary
 void verify()
          Throw an AssertionFailedException if any expectations have not been met.

Method Detail


void verify()
Throw an AssertionFailedException if any expectations have not been met. Implementations of this method must be idempotent: jMock can call this method more than once when verifying expectations at the end of a test.